Is Walking Guinea Pigs On a Harness or Leash?

guinea pig on harnessPet parents have values that differ as day and night. Even so, there are facts revolving around walking guinea pigs that are common knowledge to most people. To begin with, it is irrefutable that regular exercises are good for your pet. On the other hand, the animal in question has a delicate spine and you must be careful if you choose to engage it in some physical activities. So Is walking guinea pigs on a harness or leash? Below are some options you could consider.

It is possible to use a harness when walking your pet. In this case, the key thing is to ensure that the harness is loose. This will assist in ensuring that spine and armpit injuries are kept at bay. When using a leash, ensure that it is loose and tangle free. You also want to ascertain that the pet is not tugged and it can roam easily and freely.

Guinea pigs cannot be walked like dogs. The sole purpose of the leash is to ascertain that the animal does not roam to dangerous zones. You want to affirm that your leash would not create a tugging sensation because this can end up being harmful.

The simplest way to go about walking your pet is by choosing to engage in indoor exercises. Walks on the streets can be quite challenging because a guinea pig cannot walk beside you like a dog. It will also not follow commands and your attempts to provide some training are bound to be futile.

Choose a specific room within your home and remove any possible hazards. Letting the pet roam around your entire premise can cause you unnecessary stress. This is also bound to be risky because it is not possible for you to clear all rooms of potential dangers.

Outdoor exercises can be arranged for if you are unable to clear some indoor space. Choose a cool, dry area and fence it properly. You also need to be on standby to monitor the pet and ward off other pets or even potential predators such as eagles.

Walks should take at least three hours, if the guinea pig spends most of its time enclosed in a small area. Because shifting your pet indoors or outdoors can be a lot of work, you could consider the alternative of buying a suitably sized cage. This would see to it that the furry friend can do some real workouts in the same cage where it lives.

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